Home Damaged by Fire and Water? Call Experts in Mold Remediation in San Diego, CA

Water damage can occur in many ways. It’s ironic that a blazing kitchen fire can cause flooding and mold problems. However, it takes a lot of water to put out a fire. Even if the fire department puts out the blaze quickly, the moisture left behind can give mold a place to grow. Homeowners should immediately call a company that specializes in Mold Remediation in San Diego CA. Licensed technicians have been carefully trained to remove mold without spreading the infestation further.

There are several techniques to rid a house of mold. When mold remediation technicians enter a home and it’s still wet, they can use a wet vacuum to collect water from surfaces such as floors and carpets. They should only be used when water is present. If the surfaces have started to dry out, then using a wet vac could actually spread the spores. After the Mold Remediation in San Diego CA, technician has vacuumed all of the water, he must carefully clean all parts of the wet vac in a secure area. Mold and mold spores may be present on it.

If mold has accumulated on a nonporous or hard surface, it is possible to remove it by scrubbing the surface with water and detergent. Once the mold is gone, the Mold Remediation in San Diego CA, technician must quickly dry the surface. This prevents any mold from regrowing.

After all of the surfaces have been cleaned, the final step in mold remediation is to use a HEPA Vacuum cleaner. HEPA filters remove at least 99.97 percent of the particulates in the air. It is critical that the filters be placed in the vacuum cleaner so that all of the air flows through it. After they are used, the filters must be disposed of in sealed bags.

It’s important for homeowners to have a licensed company such as EcoPure Restoration perform the mold remediation. The company should also provide detailed records of where the mold was found and what steps were taken to eradicate it. Future homebuyers and their lending institution will want documentation that the situation was handle properly.

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