Hiring Disability Lawyers In Nashville, TN To Assist With A Claim

In the state of Tennessee, social security disability cases are determined by the Disability Determination Services. The agency processes all claims for these benefits. When the medical evidence submitted with the application substantiates the disabled individual’s claim, the DDS transfers the claim to the Social Security Administration for further review. If you submitted an application and were denied, you may contact Disability Lawyers in Nashville TN to file an appeal.

Filing a Disability ClaimTo begin this process, you should determine whether you wish to file for SSI or SSDI. Individuals who have never worked due to a disability would file a claim for Supplemental Security Income. Disabled individuals who were once able to work and suffered an injury which resulted in a permanent disability.

What You Must ProveThe first checklist item for your social security disability claim is evidence that proves that you are unable to work. This must include all types of work. If the SSA can prove that you are able to work in any industry, you are not identified as disabled. If your claim represents only the industry in which you used to work, then it will not validate your disability. With credible medical evidence it’s possible for you to present solid facts in your claim that will allow you to acquire benefits. However, if the DDS doesn’t believe that your claim is substantiated by credible evidence your claim is denied. Your medical records that show when this condition began, and the nature of it are essential to validating your claim. For SSDI claims, you must provide your work history.

All workers in the U.S. earn social security credits by paying into the plan through deductions from their wages. The number of credits earned dictates the amount of benefits the newly disabled individual can receive. The condition listed on the application, whether physical or mental must be present for one year or longer. You will not receive social security for short-term conditions do not qualify you for disability benefits. If you wish to file a claim for SSI or SSDI, you should contact Disability Lawyers in Nashville TN at Michael D. Ponce & Associates today.

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