Getting the Most Value From Your Executive Recruiter

Executive placement services are extremely important for your business, but you must have a clear understanding of how you will get more value from the service. You cannot simply hire a placement service hoping that the right person will be chosen. You must use these three steps to ensure that you get the greatest value possible from their recruiter.

Be Specific

You must be quite specific with the company because they will use the information you have given them to pick your candidates. Asking for help hiring a new executive tells your placement service nothing at all. Tell them the education, experience, and temperament you are looking for. All this information is combined to create a candidate profile used when vetting and interviewing potential executives.

Keep Them on Retainer

You will waste mountains of time if you do not have your executive placement services partner on retainer. You must have the ability to call them for any possible need, and they must be ready to begin a new search instantly. People who work for the recruiting firm will become your friends, and they will have a vested interest in the performance of your business.

Ask for Help With Succession

You must have a succession plan that was created by a recruiter. Your business may shuffle executives properly when searching for someone new, and your executive recruiter will know what is happening while they find someone for you. You will operate as normal while finding new employees because your succession plan and interviews are managed by the same people. Executive placement services, then, ensure that your company simply hires someone new instead of screeching to a halt.

Katama Consulting Group is an executive recruiter serving both the east and west coast. They help companies vet candidates, hire new executives, and plan for executive succession.

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