Getting The Help Of Cincinnati, Ohio Criminal Attorneys

If you, or a family member, has been arrested or charged with a crime the first thing you need to do is get the help of Cincinnati, Ohio criminal attorneys. The reason that this is such as priority is because there are so many steps and specific actions that an attorney can take that may actually lead to a reduced charge and sentence or even getting your case dismissed.

Understanding the Situation

Most people know very little about the law other than what they may have heard or seen on their favorite movies and television shows. These ideas are often very misleading and acting on them can actually make the situation worse.

Cincinnati, Ohio criminal attorneys can meet with you immediately when they are retained to talk to you about your case. This means that they will explain exactly what you are being charged for and what the possible defenses to the charge could be. In addition if it is relatively straightforward case the attorney will also tell you your options for a plea bargain and what would likely happen if you were to go through to trial. Finally, and while it may be difficult to consider, Cincinnati, Ohio criminal attorneys will also tell you want sentence you are facing if you should be convicted.

Reducing Charges

There is a possibility in many cases, even with felony charges, to get the charges reduced. Felony charges can be dropped to misdemeanor charges that are far less significant short and long term. Misdemeanor charges can also be reduced to lower levels with less significant sentences.

Cincinnati, Ohio criminal attorneys will review your case, look at the evidence, and then work with the prosecutor to outline the weakness of the case from the prosecutor’s side. Your attorney may even be able to get your charges dropped at this point if he or she can highlight the weaknesses of the case.

While you may only consider Cincinnati, Ohio criminal attorneys as necessary at court, they really do provide services for you all along the legal process. You may be surprised at how many cases are resolved before going to court which means you don’t have to go through a hearing and all the associated publicity.

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