Getting an Office Chair? 5 Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Outfitting your home office is fun and exciting. When it comes to buying the perfect chair, though, make sure you avoid costly mistakes. Here’s a list to help you steer clear of regrettable buying decisions.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Some people looking to buy a comfortable work chair Singapore make the mistake of choosing leather, for instance. Living in a tropical country means it’s too hot to sit in a leather chair on most days unless you plan to keep the AC running whenever you use that chair. That’s not practical, though, so you’ll want to consider a breathable material instead.

Picking Just Any Color

There’s a reason why the usual colors are black, brown, or blue. Dark colors hide stains, dirt, and signs of aging very well. If you want to help your chair last that much longer, then pick one in a dark color. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick bright ones, though. Just be aware of the danger. Also, choosing light and bright colors like mustard can do a lot to brighten up your space. That can improve you motivation to work, so you’ll want to pick a color that appeals to you, too.

Goes Shopping without a List

If you’re buying pieces for your home office, it’s best to come up with a list before you start shopping. That way, you have a clear idea of what you should get. You can effectively allocate your funds if you know what items you need to squeeze into your budget.

Skipping the Armrests

If you’re buying a work chair for the first time and thinking of skipping the armrests, don’t. If you work at your desk a lot, the armrests provide much-needed elbow support.

Not Checking the Measurements

Make sure you check the measurements. Know the seat height, width, and depth. That way, you’ll know if the chair fits you.

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