Getting Affordable Insurance as a High-Risk Driver Has Never Been Easier

SR-22 insurance refers to a legal filing required by the majority of states’ Departments of Motor Vehicles for motor vehicle insurance policies on high-risk drivers. If you’re considered a high-risk liability to insurance providers, you’ll be asked to cough up an arm and a leg by most insurers. Fortunately, there are a few ways to secure a reasonable monthly premium for SR-22 insurance in Joliet, Illinois.

Don’t Just Trust the Big Guys

We’ve all seen commercials for the big-name insurance providers. Although their policies are solid and well worth the money, they cost a lot of money in the first place! This is especially true for drivers who are considered to be at a high risk of calling on their providers to cash out their policies. Rather than trusting the big insurance brands that are well-ingrained into your brain by now, shop around for local, regional, and statewide insurance providers of SR-22 insurance in Joliet, Illinois.

Try Raising That Credit Score

Although raising your credit score isn’t something that can be done overnight, you certainly can make a substantial impact on your FICO score with just one or two months’ notice. Search for free credit counseling provided by your state government in your local area for help you can rely on.

Settle for Liability Only

With strictly liability insurance, you’ll only cover damages caused by you to another driver or property. Although you’ll have holes in your coverage, you might not be able to afford collision and comprehensive coverage as a high-risk driver.

Pay More on Your Deductible

You don’t need to pay your deductible to be legally covered by an insurance policy – you only need to pay premiums. As such, shift more money over to your deductible to cut down on what you’re required to pay to stay legal.

Here at Accurate Auto Insurance, we’re ready to give you affordable coverage. Visit us and see how we can help you.

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