Get a Yearly Tune-up on Your Air Conditioning System in Bellingham, WA

Before summer arrives is a great time to get your yearly air conditioner checkup. This checkup can tune up your system so it runs more efficiently, helping to keep your energy bills more affordable. It can also help to prevent the need for an air conditioner repair in Bellingham, WA on the hottest days.

One thing that an experienced air conditioner technician will check is your filters. Depending on your air conditioning system, it is likely that you have filters inside and outside your HVAC system. You need to make sure that they are in great shape, as they collect dust, grime, pollen, and other things that can hurt your air conditioning system.

The air conditioning technician will also check your electrical connections. Over time, these connections can come loose. When they do, your system may clatter, make horrible sounds, or not run at all.

Your HVAC system also needs to be lubricated so that it runs smoothly during the upcoming hot summer months. Shafts, bearings, and fans all need to be appropriately oiled with a high-grade product. Having the technician take this simple step means that there will be less friction on your system, and it will work less hard to keep your family cool this summer.

The technician will also check your system’s condensation lines. These lines are designed to carry moisture away from your unit. If they are not open and draining freely, then your system may rot or develop mold, leading to more expensive bills.

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