Four Tips for Choosing New Bathroom Fixtures in Kansas City

A home remodeling project doesn’t have to be an extensive, time-consuming task. Simply changing up some fixtures throughout the house can make a large impact in little time. Bathroom Fixtures in Kansas City provide the opportunity for the homeowner to make a big change. Simply switching out the old fixtures for new ones will vary the look of the bathroom and give it an updated design. There are four tips for choosing new bathroom fixtures that homeowners should consider.

Stick with a Color Scheme

If fixtures are being changed, each one should be the same color to match a scheme. If the previous fixtures were gold, then changing them all to a shiny silver would be a nice alternative. The color scheme should accent the wall color or the color of the shower curtain and bathroom accessories.

Choose a Theme

A specific theme can also be utilized when choosing new fixtures. If the bathroom is designed in a sea theme, then finding seashell cabinet knobs would help tie the theme together. Browse website to get more information.

Change the Height

Typical toilets come in a standard height. Changing the height and making it taller is an easy way to add some personalization to the bathroom. It can also make using the toilet more convenient for those that need additional space.

Pick a Unique Faucet Design

Bathroom faucets are usually very similar in look, no matter whose home they’re in. To create a customized bathroom, the faucet design should be changed to something completely unique. Something with an odd shape or additional feature will make the faucet stand out, thus making the bathroom stand out as well.

Bathroom Fixtures in Kansas City need to be chosen carefully in order to get the right look for the bathroom. One wrong fixture can drastically take away from the look of the room. With the right features, however, a bathroom can change from outdated and unoriginal to completely unique and creative. Changing the faucet, adding some height to the toilet, choosing a theme for the fixtures, and sticking with a color scheme are all ideal ways to handle fixtures in the bathroom. Kitchens and Baths by Briggs provides a variety of fixtures and design ideas for those who are looking to upgrade.

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