Four Inspirations for your Tired Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are expensive. However sometimes your bathroom is calling out for attention and it becomes too difficult to ignore. If budget challenges are making it difficult to redo your entire bathroom there are four inspirations you can use to help brighten and refresh.

1. Wallpaper: Wallpaper is all the rage and can add more impact than one might think. Even the smallest bathroom will have some wall space crying out for attention. Find a pattern you love and don’t be worried about the space being too small. You can create a classic look with damask patterns, a feminine look with florals and a whimsical or retro look with geometrics. Wallpaper is not as hard to hang as you might think and will give you a great jumping off point for some new towels and accessories.

2. Shower Curtain: If you don’t know where to start visit your local bed and bathroom shop and take a look at the shower curtains. You will find a whole world of inspiration hanging in the bathroom department with all the colors and patterns you can imagine. Look for something that speaks to you and bring it home and hang it. You will be impressed on what this one little change can make as well as the inspiration it will provide to continue your simple bathroom makeover.

3. Favorite Holiday: If you were on a vacation at a spot you loved think about the elements of the destination and what made it so special. Was it turquoise waters and sandy beaches? A cosy cottage with rustic charm? Or maybe a beach house with plenty of beadboard and white? Use this as inspiration to create a bathroom oasis that will take you back to that relaxing spot.

4. Thorn in your Side: What is it that really bothers you about your bathroom? Does the tub look old and dull? Consider a Bathtub Reglazing Philadelphia home owners use to refresh and repair. Does the floor look worn? Consider tiling or adding new floors. It is a small space so affordable to replace. Whatever it is use this as your jumping off point to begin improvements.

Having inspiration to get you started will help you tackle your bathroom make over with finesse.

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