Flooding in North Little Rock AR Can Damage Home Foundations

Flooding in areas of North Little Rock AR is unfortunately not uncommon. The Arkansas River regularly floods. As of November, 2019, the city of North Little Rock had 20 flood-related projects in the works, including Burns Park, the ballpark, and the hydro plant. The city damage due to flooding includes damaged asphalt, sinkholes and damage to building foundations.

Flood Damage to Your Home’s Foundation

Depending on where you live in North Little Rock, your home could be prone to flood damage. In addition to the obvious flood damage, water can seep under your home’s foundation. It’s easy to forget your foundation when assessing flood damage, but its structural integrity needs to be considered after a flood. Foundation repair in North Little Rock, AR, is very likely necessary after a flood.

Flooding can cause any existing foundation cracks to worsen, and the force of a flood pressing against a house can even weaken its structure, tearing the walls from the foundation. Any shifts in your home’s foundation can collapse the entire house.

The safety of your home is always at stake after a flood. If your home has been affected by flooding, you need to get your home assessed for foundation repair in North Little Rock AR. It’s not always obvious when a building’s foundation has been damaged by a flood. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your property to determine whether or not your home’s foundation has been damaged.