Fencing Around The Farm

Fencing that is used around the farm, often called agricultural fencing, is used to delineate certain areas of land and to control the movement of livestock as well as to keep unwanted predators out. Farm fences are used to create paddocks or fields which are used to contain farm animals and to eliminate the possibilities of wild animals such as deer from getting on the land or preying on domestic animals. There are a number of different types of fencing wire in Texas; the average height of any farm fence is about four feet.

When you consider the miles of fence wire in Texas that can be used on the farm it is easy to understand how costly the operation can be. Despite the expense, the farmer knows that it must be done and the fence provides many benefits. Without adequate fencing, livestock would wander off and predators could come and go as they please. Without fences, agricultural crops would become food for the livestock and it also helps to keep the peace amongst farm community neighbors.
Depending on where the farm is located, the fence may or may not be regulated by local ordinances. A hundred years ago many farm animals were allowed to roam at will and then rounded up when the time came to take them to market, today, with the number of cars and trucks on the roads these animals must be contained to eliminate accidents. It not only keeps the livestock from wandering onto the road, it stops them from wandering to adjacent private property.

Fencing wire in Texas is probably the most popular form of fencing on the farm. This type of fence is constructed from a series of posts which can be either steel or wood. The wire is stretched from post to post and fastened with clips of fencing nails. This type of fence can be electrified which stops animals from rubbing up alongside the fence which over time will break it down. Some farmers continue to use barbed wire for the same purpose. If the farm is raising smaller animals such as sheep or goats, the farmer usually installs a mesh fence which stops the animals from passing under the bottom strand of wire.

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