Extra Items to Look at During a Home Inspection in Wichita KS

One of the final steps before a person signs on the line to own a new home is getting a home inspection. This helps to make sure the new homeowner is aware of any issues. It also helps to ensure any safety issues are addressed before the keys exchange hands. While most inspections are straight forward, you may want to have these items inspected in addition to a basic inspection.

One of the extra things you can look at getting tested in a Home Inspection in Wichita KS is the radon levels in the home. While radon is a naturally occurring gas that is emitted from the ground, it can accumulate in some types of homes. This can come from different building materials or a lack of proper venting in the basement. If you have heard of high radon levels in a particular area, or are just curious about the level in the home, you should get this inspected before you buy.

Another extra item you can look at getting inspected is the underground piping system and septic tank. If the home is fairly old and there is no indication that plumbing work has been done recently, it should be on the list. Many older homes can have issues develop because of the use of galvanized piping. This type of piping will corrode over time and will require replacement. It can be a big ticket item to do this repair. So, if you have any doubts about the condition of the piping, an inspection can help uncover any issues before you buy.

Suspicions about the foundation should also be included in a Home Inspection in Wichita KS. While the house may show signs of damage due to the foundation such as cracks in walls and in the ceiling, such damage can be covered up before a home inspector gets into it. So, a thorough inspection of the foundation is critical if you even suspect there is foundation damage.

These are some of the extra things you can get looked at. While these items may need a separate inspector to come in, the costs involved are minor when compared to potential repair costs. For more information contact Integrity Inspections LLC.

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