Everyone Can Find A Use For Carpeting In Reno, NV

When it comes to the regular items in our daily life; the ones that we all know about and we all take for granted – like carpets for example – it seems that most of them were “invented” either by ancient Egyptians or the Chinese and then ignored by the rest of the world for centuries if not millennia. Carpets, however, appear to have an equally long; but somewhat different history. The historical record seems to place the first known use, of covering a floor with a textile material such as wool that is attached to a backing (i.e. a basic carpet), as being somewhere in west Asia; sometime around 3,000 years BC; possibly in the region now known as Armenia.

Originally, these carpets may have served a double purpose as floor coverings and wall curtaining and their use spread to places like India, Afghanistan, Persia and China. The oldest surviving example of early carpeting is the “Pazyryk carpet” which was discovered in Siberia and dates back to around 450 years BC. So, today, when we walk on carpeting in Reno, NV; we are treading on something with a very long history behind it.

Current Day Reno

Reno is often referred to as “The Biggest Little City in the World” and, while many only know of it because of its casinos and marriage/divorce laws; these reasons for going to Reno have declined (especially as other States relaxed their divorce laws and Indian casinos started to open). Reno is, perhaps, now a more normal city where people of all classes live, work and play – meaning there has to be buildings; which will have spaces inside them with floors for people and things to stand on.

Floor Coverings

There are some inside areas where a bare concrete floor might be acceptable; but, mostly, floor coverings are the norm. The rich people’s houses may have vast expanses of marble flooring; but, even they are going to use Carpeting In Reno NV; if only in scattered form to add color and elegance to their marbled rooms. Wood, stone or ceramic floors can get slippery and are not good at absorbing sound; so the mansion’s bedrooms may have fitted carpets covering the whole floor.

Carpets also have a big role to play in commercial buildings. Many offices today are of the open plan type and keeping noise levels down is important for worker productivity; few companies would go as far as plush fitted carpets and/or oriental rugs for their offices; but most will cover the entire floor with carpet tiles. Bars and restaurants also need Carpeting In Reno NV; the noise levels with tiled floors may be OK in a fast food joint; but, for fine dining, the more subdued results from a carpeted floor will always please the customers.

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