DUI Defense Attorneys in Tucson May Be Your Best Hope if You Have Been Charged

If you have been charged with a DUI, then you need a quality defense team. The charge is serious, and it can have a lasting impact on your life. However, an experienced and highly skilled DUI defense attorney can manage your case and most likely can get the charge reduced or dismissed. A DUI defense attorney is very knowledgeable about the DUI laws, the court’s rules, and the importance of verifying the evidence chain.

If any evidence was acquired at the scene such as a breathalyzer test, or a light that follows your eye movements, or a physical agility test, then this can be challenged. For example, when was the last time the breathalyzer was calibrated? If blood was drawn at a hospital, then it is proper to question how it was cared for. Is the officer qualified to test eye movements with a light?

Of course, your best defense is at the place where you were stopped. Do not say anything to the officers; just keep quiet. Anything you say will only hurt you. Do not let the officers perform any test such as following your eye movements with a light. Politely decline saying ‘my eye doctor takes care of my eyes.’ Of course, in some places they can force a blood test for the BAC, but the DUI defense attorneys in Tucson can challenge the method used to take the blood test and how it was handled after it was drawn. There are many ways a DUI attorney can challenge the validity of evidence. However, the least amount of cooperation you give the police, the more likely they will have a difficult time proving the charge.

DUI attorneys have mastered the rules of legal evidence as they apply to DUI charges. They also know the court rules that determine how a case is presented to the judge and jury. One of the most important considerations in proving a DUI charge is the method that the evidence was accumulated. The blood must be strictly handled in a prescribed manner, and the prosecutor must prove that it was if the DUI Defense Attorneys in Tucson asks for the proof. Establishing the facts that blood was drawn correctly by a trained person, handled so it would not be contaminated and analyzed in the prescribed manner is extremely important.

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