Different Types of Western Clothing in Folsom, CA

Western stores are all about a lifestyle. That is never more evident than when you look at their clothing. While there is a large range of choices, the clothing you find in such a store is also practical for the farm. These are just a few things that can be found in a Western store.

Cowboy hats are standard Western clothing in Folsom. There is a very solid reason for this. A cowboy hat covers more than just the forehead from the sun, it also covers up the ears. After working a full day under the sun in a CA farm, it is essential to preventing sunburn around the face. The cowboy hats can also provide a distraction for the animals and refocus their attention away from the cowboy. This is why a good cowboy hat is a necessity in Western wear.

Denim jeans are also a standard. But unlike designer jeans, western jeans are designed to be worn under rough conditions. The denim material is strong to handle the stress placed on it from riding horses or taming them. Denim is also a protective material that helps with leg protection and helps prevent chafing from saddles. But more importantly the material is washable and wears well for a long time. That is why jeans are often symbolic of the cowboy.

Long sleeve shirts are a necessity in western clothing in Folsom. Like the jeans, long sleeve flannel shirts are designed with protection in mind. The sleeves can help reduce the friction and burn from ropes, they offer protection from the colder temperatures at night in the CA desert and can provide some sun protection during the day. While not all cowboys wear long sleeve flannel shirts, they do have their place in Western wear and are a valuable addition to a cowboy’s gear.

Working a cattle ranch or a horse ranch requires Western clothes to be versatile as well as protective while out on the ranch. That’s why you find many Western stores offering these type of clothing.

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