Crating Shipping in Salt Lake City Using Wood Crates When Shipping your Belongings

More and more companies and residential customers are coming to realize the huge benefits of shipping their belonging using wood crates. With so many shipping containers available out there, finding the right material can be considered a daunting task. However, those who have worked with a crating shipping contractor in Salt Lake City know that wood crates are much better than cardboard boxes.

Long term use, high strength, eco-friendly and stacking capability are just some of the amazing benefits of wood crating shipping. Made of either plywood, lumber or engineered wood, these crates and boxes are definitely an excellent way to transport any item, regardless of size, hazardous potential or level of resistance.

Long-term Use

The first benefit of wood crates is their long-term use potential. Wood crates can last much longer in time, being reused by the shipping company for other projects.

High Strength

Wood crates and boxes can carry heavier weights and more volatile items than cardboard containers. While the former is a hard fibrous substance made of branches and tree bark, the latter are containers made of heavy duty paper. You simply cannot compare paper with tree bark. Moreover, wet wood will only get damp. Conversely, wet cardboard will more than sure soften or even tear. Cardboard boxes are never a good choice when transporting your belongings in another city or state, because if it starts raining, your items are in danger of being destroyed.

Environmentally Friendly

A company offering crating shipping in Salt Lake City which uses wood crates is definitely environmentally-minded. Wood always was and will continue to be environmentally-friendly, because it is the “offspring” of trees, and trees represent the environment. Speaking of the environment, cardboard and plastic crates can cause water pollution and soil contamination if disposed improperly.

One of the most environmentally-minded companies in Salt Lake City is BoxPac. With more than 35 years of experience in the shipping, transportation and logistics industry, this company uses only wood crates to ship both locally and internationally. Their wide variety of services, from packaging, securing the crates and delivering them to their destination are specially designed to cater to their customers’ needs.

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