Considering Different Options in a Carpet Store in St. Paul

When the time comes to replace the old worn carpet, it pays to spend a little time considering the different options offered at the carpet store in St. Paul. With so many different designs to choose from, there’s sure to be something that will be ideal for the household. When evaluating the various options, make it a point to pay close attention to these attributes.

Fiber Blend Always determine the type of fibers used in the carpet design. The goal is to make sure the blend of fibers is likely to hold up well in the years to come. The nice thing is that not all durable carpeting must be made using synthetic fibers. There are natural blends that will also hold up well. While making this evaluation, consider the amount of foot traffic that the carpeting will endure. When the idea is to replace the carpeting in a formal living room that is only used for special occasions, it’s possible to focus less on durability and more on the appearance. By contrast, new carpeting for a den that sees a lot of activity will require carpeting that is durable and easily cleaned. Color Carpeting comes in a variety of colors and color blends. When opting for new carpeting, why not consider a color other than one that matches the old product? Pick out one or two of the secondary colors in the room, and consider them for the new carpeting.

The effect will be to bring out those secondary colors and give the room a different look and feel. Style and Nap The carpet store in St. Paul will offer all sorts of options for style and nap. The buyer can go with a basic plush carpeting that sports a smooth pile over the entire surface. There is also the option of a textured pile that includes a primary and secondary colors in the weave. The pile will also vary slightly to create a more interesting pattern.

Looped designs like Berber carpeting are very attractive and tend to wear very well. Keep in mind that the carpet stores like Galaxie Floor Stores carry more than carpeting options. While choosing some new carpeting, it never hurts to consider options for some type of new flooring for busy areas like the kitchen, or possibly something different for the dining room. At the very least, checking out the other flooring options could trigger some inspiration for a future home improvement project.


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