Commercial Box Truck Leasing in Texas

Box trucks are the large delivery trucks with an enclosed area for the cargo. Many furniture and appliance stores use box trucks for their deliveries. Box trucks have an advantage over open trucks due to the enclosed area for protecting the merchandise from weather-related damage.

Box trucks are also more expensive than open trucks. That is why many centers offer box truck leasing in Texas. If a business does not have the funds to purchase the box truck then a leasing option is available for qualified customers.

There are several options for box truck leasing in Texas, full-service lease and short and long-term leases.

With a full-service lease, you typically get professional vehicle maintenance along with roadside assistance and replacement rental vehicle in the event the vehicle is inoperable.

Short-term leases are usually available for daily, weekly, and even monthly rentals. They are typically rented for the unexpected need for additional trucks. These leases can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The need could be from a sudden peak in your business which requires delivery or anything else.

Long-term box truck leasing in Texas is also available for customers who qualify.

One advantage for box truck leasing in Texas is the customer does not have to fork over all the capital at once. Leasing provides a great option for customers who do not have the capital to finance a truck. Leasing payments are also tax deductible.

Some business like to use a combination of self-owned trucks along with leased vehicles. Leasing newer box trucks can help to increase the image of your company instead of financing older trucks. When the company delivers merchandise to a customer, the image of the truck is what represents the brand. The first impression of a new truck is important and almost as important as the politeness and confidence of the company’s delivery person.

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