Choosing The Certified Translation Service Most Qualified To Meet Your Needs

A simple Internet search can return hundreds of companies who claim to offer certified translation services. However, it is important to be sure that the translation company you trust with your needs is a professional, thorough, certified business with a long track record of satisfied clients. Be sure that the translators you select meet the following qualifications.

Are They Licensed?
First and foremost, be sure to check to be sure that the translation service you choose is a licensed business. Be sure that the company is certified through the United States, and that they only employ translators who are certified, tested and trained.

Are They Accredited By The Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
Has the certified translation service you are considering earned the BBB seal of approval? It’s important to check into past complaints made against the company, and to look at how the company worked to resolve those issues. Information about most companies can be found on the BBB website, and translation services will often display the BBB logo on their own sites if they have earned the approval of the organization.

Do They Make Extreme Statements?
If the translation service you are considering makes excessive claims as to their sales, be leary of their advertising techniques. Promises of “hundreds of translations completed each week,” or other hard-to-believe statements may be a sign of a business that offers more talk than action. Make sure all claims are reasonable and can be fulfilled.

Is A Representative Available To Answer Your Questions?
A certified translation service that prioritizes customer service will make a representative available to answer specific questions, either by telephone or via live, online chat. Be wary of businesses that are difficult to get in contact with. When choosing a company to handle your translation needs, accessibility is an important quality to look for.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Service is a trusted, BBB accredited business that provides translation services ranging from legal and medical translation, to interpretation services at business conferences and events.


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