Many people do not connect cognitive health issues such as depression, anxiety, ADD, brain fog, autism, and ADHD with physical inflammation. However, the research is finding out that they are related. There is an extensive field of research referred to as cytokine model of cognitive function that studies how inflammation affects our brains and may contribute to anxiety disorders. A particular finding points to increased levels of NF kappa B (NFkB) as associated with increased anxiety and lower levels of NFkB associated with reduced instances of anxiety. Now let’s discuss CBD oil for anxiety in Washington DC.

Inflammation and Anxiety

Studies have indicated that CBD oil is a natural anxiety reducing substance (anxiolytic) and is quite effective at treating social anxiety. This substance addresses anxiety without the common side effects associated with pharmaceutical medications.

CBD oil for anxiety may work due to its ability to affect the brain directly. Studies have indicated that CBD reduces activity in the amygdala and enhances prefrontal cortex activation – both of these portions of the brain are involved in addressing anxiety. Some evidence indicates that CBD can activate hippocampus neurogenesis – in other words, regenerate new neurons. As a result CB one receptors are activated which have balancing influence on glutamate and GABA levels, connected with the reduction of anxiety.

Dosage to Take

It is beneficial to speak with your doctor when considering adding CBD oil for anxiety or any other reason to your daily or weekly regimen, in particular if you are on any existing medications. CBD is generally a very safe product. However, some from pharmaceutical medications interacting with CBD oil may result in a decrease or increase of the pharmaceutical drug’s capabilities and effectiveness. It is generally advisable to start at a lower dosage of CBD oil and increase it over the coming weeks or months to see what level works best for you.

There are an increasing number of CBD oils in Minneapolis, MN, on the market today. It is important make sure the product you purchase has been tested properly by a third party for its potency and quality. Understanding where the product came from and how it was grown etc. can also help you understand the nature and quality of your CBD oil.

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