Can You Afford A DUI Conviction? Contact Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys In Tyler TX

Would anyone pay $20,000 for a beer? Many people have paid that much or more. All of the costs of a conviction for drinking and driving can cost more than $20,000.

Getting Fired

Many companies have it spelled out in their employee handbook or employment contract that being convicted of a crime is grounds for dismissal. The conviction can’t be hidden; someone will find out.

Suspended License

Not everyone receives an exemption to drive back and forth to work. Hiring a driver or taxi will be costly. The bus is cheaper, if there is one, but it will be necessary to get up very early to be sure of getting to work on time.

Commercial Driver’s License

That career is probably over.

Possible Loss of Professional License

Many professional licenses, including legal, medical, etc., require that any arrest be reported to the licensing agency. Lost license equals lost career. Talk to a criminal defense attorneys in Tyler TX.

Insurance Costs will Skyrocket

Auto insurance companies raise their rates or refuse to cover someone with a DUI conviction. This also holds true for an employer’s insurance company. The job may be lost because the employer’s insurance company may require it even if the employer is willing to pay higher rates.

Drinking Driving Program

This will require taking about half a day off from work once a week for seven weeks. Further treatment from a private treatment provider may also be required, reports a Criminal Defense in Attorneys Tyler TX.

Missing Work

Court appearances, mandatory treatment sessions, and possible jail time will cost a lot of lost time from the job. The paycheck will shrink, but the big problem is the employer’s patience.

Finding a New Job will be Hard

Most job applications ask the, “Have you been convicted?” question. Even if the application didn’t, a DUI conviction is a public record and easily found.

College and Financial Applications

The conviction question is apt to appear on these applications also, making it harder to get an education or a loan.

Can you afford a DUI conviction? Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C. really know how the system works. Contact this criminal defense attorneys in Tyler TX, to discuss your situation.

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