Basic Information on Workmans Comp Insurance in Los Angeles

Under the law, employers must buy Workmans Comp Insurance Los Angeles that pays employees who suffer illness or injury at work. The modern system balances the needs of workers and employers; the worker is compensated regardless of fault, and employers are protected from lawsuits by unscrupulous employees. Worker’s compensation laws differ from state to state, and workers should consult Kendra Beebe for assistance. What Workers’ Compensation Covers Worker’s comp laws only cover illness or work-related injuries, but they don’t necessarily have to happen at work. For example, an employee is covered if he or she is hurt while on a business trip, during an errand, or at a work function. Illnesses and injuries can be sudden or gradual, and many workers receive benefits for maladies such as carpal tunnel syndrome. What’s Not Covered Not all workplace issues are covered. Insurance coverage can be denied in situations involving:
Self inflicted injury
Fights between employees
Injuries during the commission of a felony
Off-the-job injuries
Injuries to independent contractors

When an Employee can Sue There are certain times an employer is vulnerable to lawsuits from employees. If an employee is injured because of the employer’s intentional or reckless actions, they can sue for monetary and punitive damages. The employee can also sue a third party, such as an equipment manufacturer or an at-fault motorist. Available Benefits Visit website for more detils.
Replacement income
Payment for medical bills
Temporary disability up to a certain limit
Death benefits (where applicable)

An Employer’s Responsibilities Employers have a variety of responsibilities under worker’s compensation laws. If these obligations are not met, the employer can be fined and the injured party can bring a lawsuit for punitive damages. Avoiding Lawsuits by Carrying Workers’ Compensation Insurance If your company does not have the required Workmans Comp Insurance Los Angeles, an employee can sue in civil court, or file a claim against an uninsured employers’ fund. Notify Employees of Their Rights As an employer, you are legally required to post notices in places employees frequent during the work day. The notices must provide the name of your workers’ compensation insurer, or notify employees that your company is self-insured. You must also give employees a claim form within one day of notice of the incident, and you must also give the employee a brochure explaining their rights under the workers’ compensation system.

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