Attorney in Rockwall, TX: What Is A Personal Injury Attorney?

According to the law, a personal injury is defined as an injury that happens to a person mentally or physically. Personal injury cases are either going to fall under both the tort law and the US civil law. Tort law deals with acts that have caused harm, but were not necessarily committed as an illegal act. An Attorney in Rockwall, TX dealing with personal injury claims would be known to deal with cases including:

* Serious injury or death of a family member

* Medical malpractice

* Assault and battery

* Slander

* Product fault

* Injury on someone else’s property

* Injury while at work

* Car accident

When you hire an Attorney in Rockwall, TX area area this is the person who will file your legal complaint, offer you legal advice, prepare your legal documents, and represent you in court. The purpose of your attorney is to help you see justice as well as receive any compensation that you might be owed. It is not uncommon to see a personal injury lawyer to settle out of court for their client. The only reason why a personal injury lawyer would not settle out of court is if the defense was not offering a reasonable amount of money.

A personal injury lawyer also has the opportunity work in specific areas of the personal injury law. For example, instead of being a personal injury lawyer they could be a birth injury lawyer or a medical malpractice lawyer. It really just comes down to where the passion and interest of the specific lawyer lies.

When it comes to getting paid a personal injury lawyer does not get paid at an hourly rate like you would expect with most attorneys. Instead, they are going to charge you a percentage of the compensation that you receive from the defendant. This is beneficial because you never actually lose any money when you pay this kind of lawyer. Furthermore, the fact that the only way this lawyer is going to get paid is by winning your case is going to serve as motivation for them. There is certainly nothing better than knowing you have a highly motivated lawyer.

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