Asphalt Pavers in Norwich, CT Protect Driveway Investments

Keeping asphalt surfaces looking their best requires regular maintenance and repair. With weather conditions ranging from well below freezing to hot, humid summer days, asphalt surfaces are subjected to a wide range of conditions that can cause deterioration. Proper maintenance protects a home or business owner’s investment and reduces the need for overlays or replacement of the asphalt.

Regular patching and sealcoating not only prevent premature failure of asphalt surfaces, the maintenance also keeps the driveway or other asphalt surface looking its best. Curb appeal is important to home and business owners, as surfaces that look good also look more inviting to friends or business clients. Neighbors also appreciate it when others in the area take care of their property, as values for the entire area will tend to remain stable. Asphalt Pavers in Norwich, CT help to make that happen, and dealing with professional service providers ensures the job is done correctly.

Eventually, it may become necessary to do more than simple maintenance. All surfaces have a finite lifespan, and when asphalt surfaces reach that point there are a couple of alternatives. First, overlaying the existing driveway may be the best solution. Professional paving contractors like The Driveway Guys of CT will help home or business owners weigh the pros and cons of overlaying.

If overlaying is not the best solution, a total replacement of the driveway should be considered. That process entails removing the deteriorated material and providing a solid base for new asphalt. Replacement is definitely the best option if the driveway configuration is to be altered. The needs of homeowners change over time, and while the placement of a driveway may have been acceptable when it was installed, changes in use may dictate a different path today. Additions to a home or changes to an adjoining property often make it necessary to reroute an existing driveway. Explore options for the project with the Asphalt Pavers in Norwich, CT contractor to determine what changes should be made.

Some Asphalt Pavers in Norwich, CT also provide ancillary services like snow removal or other maintenance. Discuss the availability of these services with contractors to see which services best meet an individual property owner’s needs. Read more

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