Addressing Childhood Requirements Through Family Dentistry In Charlotte NC

The American Dental Association believes that it is beneficial for parents to bring their child in for a dental check-up near their first birthday. According to studies, children are most likely to develop cavities before age two. By acquiring routine dental care, parents can reduce these probabilities and prevent premature tooth loss.

Why They Need Fluoride

Children acquire fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth. These treatments could prevent cavities by protecting tooth enamel. They are reinforced by brushing and flossing daily. Through Family Dentistry Charlotte NC, parents discover new techniques to show their children how to perform these tasks at home.

Diet and Nutrition

Dentists advise parents of foods, which may produce tooth damage. They provide nutritional education for parents. This allows them to determine, which foods could improve the health of their child’s teeth.

During Their First Visit

During your child’s first visit to the dentist, he or she receives x-rays and a full examination. This includes a routine cleaning to eliminate plague. This allows the dentist to determine if your child has any existing cavities. Dental visits are often scary for children at first. For this reason, dentists offer them stickers and more at the end of the visit.

When Cavities are Discovered

Dentists perform repairs when cavities are found. Since most children become anxious in these settings. Some dentists used sedation dentistry to allow children and adults to rest comfortably while they repair cavities and other conditions.

Monitoring the Development of Your Child’s Teeth

Typically, children visit the dentists twice a year for cleaning and examinations. The dentists assess the way in which their teeth are developing. This allows them to prevent developmental issues and damage to adult teeth that are forming underneath the gums. They extract baby teeth when necessary to prevent damage and prevent pain.

Families in Charlotte can acquire oral care for their children through Family Dentistry in Charlotte NC. These services provide them with comprehensive dental care to reduce the risks of tooth loss and gum disease. The dentists provide treatment based on personalized risks identified through family medical history and existing conditions. If you wish to learn more about these services, you should visit Caldwell, Bills & Petrilli Dentistry today for further details. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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