A Sport massage in Honolulu HI Isn’t Just for Athletes

Therapists offering Sport massage in Honolulu HI use modalities that are known to be exceptionally helpful for people who have suffered an athletic-related injury or are dealing with aching muscles due to sports participation. The stimulation of blood circulation and other effects speed healing. These specific massage techniques also help prevent injury and allow athletes to experience better physical function while performing.

Examples of Usefulness

This type of therapy at a center like Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage isn’t limited to amateur and professional athletes. A masseuse generally welcomes any client to have this type of massage if the person is interested.

It is similar to the way that physical therapists in a sports medicine center may have patients who benefit from the service but weren’t hurt during athletics. They may have experienced an injury due to over using an arm while raking leaves, for instance.

The negative effects are still somewhat similar to a softball player who threw too many pitches in practice or to a tennis player who overdid it one weekend. Even someone who spent too many hours working on a design project using a mouse can benefit from a sports massage.

Areas of Focus

A Sport massage in Honolulu HI may focus primarily on an injured area of the body, although the client can still expect some of the common massage techniques that are normally applied. A person who has sore shoulders will receive more attention in that area, but the masseuse may still apply healing pressure all the way down the back for a more widespread benefit.

An Example of Sports Massage Combination Modality

Trigger point therapy is an example of a modality often included in a sports massage. Trigger points are located in muscles that are more vulnerable to inflammation and irritation. These factors can cause discomfort and pain in other areas of the body.

The therapist uses cycles of applying intense pressure to soft tissues and then releasing the pressure. The masseuse may combine this with a deep-tissue massage that uses slow strokes and pressure, moving around the upper and lower back, as well as the arms and legs. You can also visit them on Facebook.