A Rugged Tablet for Tough Jobs

When you work outdoors it is a great idea to have a rugged tablet to use. These types of tablets are built for outdoors conditions. These tablets are very reliable and durable. They can withstand, dust, shock, dropping, temperatures and uses a waterproof sealant. You can rest assured that even in the rain, you can count on your rugged tablet.  With the android operating system it will typically save you power and provide memory that is needed to keep your operations going.

Cost Savings in the Long Term

When you really want to improve a return on your investment, or increase productivity rugged tablet pc is one of the best choices. An average a rugged tablet over the course of five years is about 40% lower than a non-rugged tablet. This means that you will end up saving hundreds of dollars per each device in the long run. Plus, it eliminates your need to find a pen and paper.

What Type of Company Would Benefit From a Rugged Tablet?

If you have a job where you are constantly on the go, but need to also need to keep in touch. A rugged tablet pc would be great for you or your company. These types of tablets are used by many companies. For instance, if your power was out and the electric company you use uses a tablet pc, dispatchers can notify workers where there may be problem or if somebody reported a downed power line. Dispatchers could also give customers a time frame of when the employee will arrive since it can keep track of their location. This also helps if an emergency situation came up.

Technology Has Come a Long Way

The technology that we have today has come a long way. People used to wait days for even a service call. You had to deal with a very slow response time and no real satisfaction when problems came up. Rugged Tablet PC’s have helped eliminate the waiting. With these you have many options available. You can typically get a rugged tablet pc in 8.4 inch, 10.4 inch and 12.1 inch. These are easily readable in even direct sunlight, offer hot-swap battery and are usually touch screen. Some of these that are specifically built for outdoors are blue tooth enabled which means that it is wireless. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding a cell connection or a hotspot; this tablet will find it for you.

If you need a rugged tablet pc, contact I-Tech Company for all your needs. You can chat with them on their user-friendly website for more information.

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