3 Ways to Find and Hire a Painting Company that Won’t Let You Down

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. However, it’s not easy to go about it, DIY-style, especially if you haven’t got the right tools, any experience in the work or most importantly, time to do it yourself. Good thing there are plenty of pros out there who can come to your rescue. Worried about hiring awful ones? Here’s how you can find a residential painting company that won’t let you down:

Check on the basics

Verify their license first. Keep your eyes peeled for any inaccuracies in the license. And don’t forget to ask about insurance, first thing. It’s a way to cover all the bases. Ask if the company’s contractors are bonded and insured. If they aren’t, give them a miss and call the next one on your list.

Are they a match?

Hiring the best painter in the world won’t matter if you can’t work with them. Improvenet offers a number of questions you can ask former clients to determine if you’re hiring quality contractors or not. Did the contractors arrive and start on time? Did they work fast and right or did they cut corners and take frequent breaks? All these things are important and must be factored in. If they can’t be bothered to work on time or get the job done on schedule, you might want to call another company instead.

Draw up a contract

It’s often easy to lose track of details. So don’t trust your memory or that of your contractor. Ask the residential painting company to draw up a contract, from the preparation and cleanup to the start and end dates of the project. So even if your contractor forgets about a certain detail or service, the contract will be right there to remind them of anything they missed.

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