3 Ways a DADU in Everett, WA Generates Income

Many homeowners choose to invest in additional detached dwelling units or a DADU in Everett, WA. They can be used as a form of passive income. Homeowners can build and manage them as an investment. These separate structures on your property can be helpful for extra guests or renters.

Vacation Getaways

If you live in a tourist area or a prime vacation destination, you can outfit your DADU in Everett, WA, to be a cozy cottage for two. Couples often look for a relaxing getaway for their vacations or anniversary celebrations. Listing the small house on rental sites like VRBO or Airbnb can help you find paying guests.

Rental Apartment

If you don’t want a lot of travelers coming and going from your property, use it as an apartment. Find reliable renters and manage a standard rental lease with them.

In-Law House

Moving your in-laws or parents in may not technically generate an extra income, but the DADU in Everett, WA, can provide a place to stay and retain their independence. It can save you money for their housing, even if they aren’t technically renting.

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