3 Things You Should Know About Organic Pest Control in Tampa

Pest control companies use various methods to remove pest from the house.  But some of the methods cause harm to the ecology. Certain chemicals that are used to exterminate the pests contain ingredients that cause harm to the environment when used. Organic pest control in Tampa is all the rave today that eliminates all kinds of pests using the safest organic treatment. Below are 5 organic methods used by pest control companies in Tampa, Florida.

Non-Toxic Insecticides

Firms that employ organic pest control in Tampa use non toxic insecticides to exterminate pests from the house. The chemical sprays used to kill the pests do not contain any harmful ingredients.. These can be used in any amount without posing any danger to the environment. And what’s more, you don’t have to vacate the house during the treatment. The chemical spray can be safely applied without any adverse health reactions.

Plants that Ward Off Pests

Using plants is an organic pest control technique that is used keep rodents and other pests at bay. Certain plants such as wild bergamot, European goldenrod, sea lavender ward of insects and other pests. Blue flowers attract wasps and bees that keep rodents like mice and others off your garden. Wasps when they are few in number do an excellent job in keeping your house lawn protected from pests.

Others plants that do an excellent job of keeping pests away include Calendula and Marigolds.  The plants will attract beneficial insects that feed off the harmful insects in your yard. Once the plants begin to fade, new ones are planted to ensure that the insects and other pests are kept away from the landscape outside.

Vegetable Netting

Vegetable netting is another effective organic pest control in Tampa that is used to eliminate pests from the house. The method involves covering rows with mesh netting. Rodents that dare to attack you lawn plants get trapped inside the netting. The organic pest control technique eliminates unwanted pests from the lawns safely without causing any harm to the environment.

On a final note, organic pest control in Tampa ensures that the method employed in eliminating the bug is safe for the environment. Taking the step to select an organic pest control company in Tampa will bring the peace of mind of knowing that you are not indirectly causing harm to our ecology. Just make sure that the company you select for pest control have years of experience in eliminating pests from the house. Also, look for a company with BBB rating of A or A+ to ensure that you get top rated pest control services.

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