3 Reasons Why the Right Kind of Gutter Installation Makes a Difference

Gutters do more than give the roofing a finished look. They perform more tasks than many people realize. Whether you are thinking about arranging for a gutter installation in Surrey, BC, for the first time or replacing gutters that are no longer doing the job, there are some things you should know about how they work. This knowledge will make it easier to select the right type of gutter system for your home.

Protecting the Home’s Foundation

Whether you have very little overhang or if the roof design does extend well away from the exterior walls, you still want to protect the foundation. A system that helps to keep water from seeping directly around the foundation reduces the risk of shifting that weakens the foundation and places the entire home in jeopardy. A professional can recommend a design that directs the water away from the foundation and keeps it safe.

Keeping Water Away From the Shingles

You also don’t need a system that allows water to stand on or near the roofing shingles. All this will accomplish is causing the shingles to deteriorate at a more rapid pace. By making sure the system is consistent with the roof’s slope, it will be easier to collect the run-off and ensure nothing is left to damage the eaves of the shingles. A professional can help you select a plan for the new gutter installation in Surrey, BC, that accomplishes this goal.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Remember that you want a gutter installation in Surrey, BC, that minimizes the loss of top soil around the home. This is especially important if there is any type of slope to the property itself. Erosion makes it more difficult to maintain shrubs and other decorative elements around the outer walls. It also could expose more of the foundation and open a whole new range of possible damage to the dwelling.

Do you need to install a first set of gutters, or replace an existing set? The team at Northwood Roofing Ltd. can help. Call us today or visit https://www.northwoodroofing.com/ to set up an appointment. We’ll take a look at the home, the slope of the roof, and make suggestions for gutter systems that will serve you well for many years to come.

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