3 Reasons To Choose Pig Skin Chews For Dogs

As a dog owner, you want to be able to give your dog a healthy, satisfying treat. In many pet stores and in grocery dog food sections, looking through treats may only offer rawhide bones or chews made with artificial ingredients and full of chemicals and additives.

A new option to consider which offers health benefits, great taste and a very safe alternative to rawhide is healthy pig skin chews for dogs . These chews are made from 100% baked pig skin, which is a natural product this is a great treat for your dog.

To understand why pig skin chews for dogs are a top choice for dog owners, breeders and vets, here are three important reasons to consider.

A Healthy Alternative To Rawhide

Rawhide is a byproduct of preparing hide for the tanning process. It is largely tasteless and nutritionally empty layer of hide which is rolled, pressed and processed with flavorings to make it appealing to dogs.

When rawhide becomes wet, it becomes soft, slimy and it swells. If the dog swallows rawhide, this swelling can occur in the digest tract, causing a risk of blockage which, if not treated, can be fatal. Rawhide can also lodge in the throat, creating a risk of choking.

High Digestibility

The opposite effect is noted with pig skin chews for dogs. These have a 99.9% digestibility rate within 24 hours. In the same time period, 15% of any rawhide consumed is still in the dog’s digestive tract.

As with any type of treat, give your dog one appropriately sized pig skin chew per day. This is great for their teeth, and it also helps to address the dog or weaned puppy’s natural urge to chew.

Loved By Dogs of All Sizes

Finally, dogs love the taste of pig skin. As a natural, baked product, the twists, knots, and bones in various flavors are sure to be a treat your dog looks forward to after training, after or walk or just because they are a special part of your family.

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