Things an Emergency AC Repair Service Offers

Your air conditioner has gone out and it’s after five o’clock or on the weekend. That’s not the kind of surprise you want, even if you live Surprise!  You might wonder if you need an emergency AC repair service or if you need to wait until traditional business hours.  In fact, you might wonder what an emergency AC repair service offers that a traditional repair service does not, especially since almost all HVAC companies advertise that they offer some type of emergency response.

At Worlock Air Conditioning, we offer true emergency AC repair services.  What that means, to us, is that we respond 24/7 to air conditioning repair calls.  Unlike some companies that offer 24/7 response times, we do not just diagnose a problem, but will actually handle repairs in non-business hours.  Furthermore, while we may not always be able to access the parts needed to repair a particular system, we do keep a substantial stock of frequently-needed parts on hand, so that we can engage in truly emergency service.

Of course, we have all become conditioned to paying emergency prices when we call for emergency repair services.  There are legitimate reasons for this that often come down to air conditioning services needing to pay technicians more for overtime, nighttime, or weekend hours. However, sometimes people just see opportunity when a client has an emergency.  At Worlock, we think that air conditioning repair, even for emergencies, should be affordable.  That’s why we never charge overtime, weekend, or after-hour charges.  We staff our business to accommodate client emergencies and pass those savings on to you.  We waive our service fees with an AC repair and will meet or beat competitor quotes.  We also fully guarantee our work and offer a three-year warranty on OEM parts with any repair. In other words, we provide emergency 24/7 service and same-day calls that the average family can afford.

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