Lawn Pest Control In Longmont CO Will Keep It Looking Great All Year Long

Pest control should be performed on a lawn and on trees and shrubs in the landscape. Fungus and insects can easily kill the lawn, trees, and shrubs when they’re not properly treated. Mulch beds and underneath decks should also be treated for insects.

In addition to Pest Control in Longmont CO, if an owner’s yard or landscaping is not receiving enough water or too much water, the pest control service will address that issue as well. When a home has a healthy yard and landscaping, it will help to increase its value.

First Visit

When Pest Control Longmont CO starts a program for a home, they will spray in the spring and winter to keep eggs from hatching and releasing a new army of pests to destroy the landscaping. This process usually entails an oil spray which will saturate the eggs.

May to Early August

During the summer months, it’s important that a home’s yard is inspected and treated for aphids and mites. These tiny pests are very difficult to see. The only time a homeowner might notice there’s a problem is when the leaves begin to turn brown, curl, and fall off the plants.

Fall Treatment

After the summer is over, another thorough inspection should be performed for any signs of insects that can damage the landscaping. Pesticides might need to be applied to kill aphids and mites.

Winter Months

During the winter, plants need probiotics that include living microbes so the nutrients can improve the soil and allow the plants to feed. This type of treatment helps to feed the root and create a stronger plant for the following year.


Many homeowners are concerned about chemicals that are used in their lawn or landscaping because of children or pets. A homeowner should feel to discuss this situation. A pest control company will offer various alternatives to controlling pests without the use of chemicals.

If you want to have a healthier yard, you should contact a company like Wards Lawn Service. They offer many services including residential and commercial cleanups, sprinkler repairs and winterization, and much more. For more information, please Click here.

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