How Much Space Do You Need for Storage in Plymouth, MA?

When you are moving but you haven’t figured out your new home yet, you might need to put some items into storage. The same is true if you’re downsizing in terms of your living space. The best way to purchase units without wasting your money is to decide beforehand how much space you will need. Many facilities offer one-size units and you can buy as many as you need. About 35 square feet is a pretty standard size for these standardized units, which will be 7 feet by 5 feet. They’re usually about that tall as well. When you are looking to store items, you’ll have to calculate how many of these units you need.

Small Apartment

If you’re putting a small apartment into storage in Plymouth, MA, you probably don’t need that much space. That’s especially true if you’re moving out of a furnished apartment. If the apartment was already furnished, it will be much easier to move your items since you won’t be moving heavy appliances. You can probably fit a small apartment into one 35-square foot unit. If you need more space than that, you can invest in a second unit. You might need more space if you have a lot of books or some large exercise equipment.

You should contact us about the right sized space for your needs. Describe what items you have and someone will help you pick out a size.

Full House

If you’re putting an entire house into storage, you’ll likely need at least three storage units. You might need one just for your appliances. However, you should keep in mind that you can stack up. Stacking upwards will save you money and space. Be sure to invest in sturdy boxes, though. You’ll need sturdy square or rectangular boxes to maximize your stacking space in you unit.

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