Different Types of Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

There is no question that having a commercial fire system in place is important to protect your business. However, while the actual system you install is important, you also have to consider the company you choose for fire system monitoring in Louisville, KY. Getting to know the different types of systems available for your business is one of the best ways to choose the one that will best suit your needs.

Manual and Automatic Alarm Devices

There are two basic types of fire alarm systems to consider – manual and automatic. A manual system will require a person to activate them physically by using pull stations. With an automatic system, devices like smoke and heat detectors will detect the fire and trigger the fire alarm automatically.

In many cases, these can be used together in the same system. The manual devices can allow for a quicker response if someone has an accident and starts a fire while the automatic detection devices protect the facility when no one is around.

Alarm Monitoring and Evacuation Systems

One of the most important functions of an alarm system is it’s ability to send alarms directly to a Central Station operator, who can in turn dispatch the fire department. This keeps your building safe when your facility is closed for work, but it also allows for a quicker dispatch. If a fire breaks out, people in the facility will be trying to get out, not necessarily call the fire department.

Beyond alerting the fire department, in large facilities it becomes more and more important to be able to notify everyone inside that a fire has started. Fire alarm systems can be connected to full evacuation systems with horns and flashing strobe lights. This signals everyone to leave the facility in case of a fire. Talk with your security provider about this. Some jurisdictions require certain types of facilities to have evacuation systems in place. Others might not require it, but depending on your type of business and needs, it might still make sense to install one.

When it comes to protecting your business, you can’t ignore the importance of fire protection. Choosing a quality provider for fire system monitoring in Louisville, KY is the best way to ensure your business and your employees are safe and secure and if a fire does occur, that help will be sent in a timely manner.

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